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GrowSaaS is the byproduct of two SaaS veterans, Liam Dunne and Will Maxwell, joining forces. With years of expertise, exits for +2$M, consulting to +$20M ARR and working with 25+ startups they're aiming to re-shape they way SaAs companies should grow in the modern age.

The brief:

Liam & Will came to 3bythree to find clarity in how this business plan was going to become a living and breathing brand. To build an identity that was synonymous with the best of the best fast-growing tech startups. To do this, we needed to position as experts ourselves.

Another key part to their success was going to be us curating a personality around their unique growth tactics. Consulting for the modern-day startup, not an outdated presentation from execs in suits.

Our Brand Strategy

As your brand embraces a fresh aesthetic with isometric infographics, explore the roadmap ahead. Peek into upcoming campaigns, initiatives, and the strategic role isometric design plays in propelling your brand towards future success. Redefine your visual identity and storytelling capabilities with isometric infographics, as we navigate the exciting possibilities that lie on the horizon of your rebranded look.

The first angle we used to approach shaping the brand was how we were going to position our services. Was it an academic, university institution, or a more personal 1:1 mentor, or a corporate consulting firm. We leaned into their personal, 1:1 growth-partner approach rather than hide behind a ‘firm’. Ultimately we wanted to show they were built for the modern-day agile startup with tactics for the digital age not the 2000s.

A timeless mark that acts a graphic extension to they way growsaas work with their clients.

The logo:

We explored the idea of using the G as a letter mark logo, however the G seemed too ambiguous and juvenile. The idea of an arrow through the G was worth testing however after market research we realised it was too common, not doing GrowSaaS justice. To show their class, quality and expertise we decided to move towards a more minimal and timeless mark.

We found the idea of keeping the logo arranged in a circle created the idea of a community as well as one polished, completed badge. Bringing elements from a university, corporate firm and/or a certificate of achievement. After weeks of iteration, the idea of subtly showing the G +S through a timeless, clean mark proved to be the best route possible to build the GrowSaaS brand.

The duotone colour palette embodies growth through natural greens. With a sharp modern / tech kick

The Brand Identity:

Extending the theme of 'consulting built for the digital age', the bulk of the brand identity relies on sleek, futuristic gradients. Any brand in the SaaS industry today without the commonly used corporate blue immediately stands out. The earthy green is a fresh, modest look and feel GrowSaaS will use stand out and attract the new generation of SaaS founders.

The pairing of two sans-serif fonts anchors the brand to still being a strong, authoritative, premium brand that will attract the best of the best, a sought after community. Pushing the brand to be 70% Ruler archetype and 30%Sage archetype.

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"Josh smashed it. He completed a full brand identity for a new venture of ours and we’re really happy with the results. Seeing the journey he went through from drawings on pen and paper to the digital mockups and concepts was impressive and helped us understand the ‘why’ behind the final outcome. Clearly knows what he’s doing and highly skilled."

"If you’re looking for branding and

TO increase the value of your company, I can’t recommend him enough."

~ Liam dunne, co-founder at growsaas

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